Ericksonian Hypnosis and therapy [RU]

The 20th century gave a lot of the greatest geniuses in the field of psychotherapy such as Alexander Luria, Ivan Pavlov, Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler, Carl Rogers etc. I would like to throw into relief the famous explorer in hypnosis Dr. Erickson who was the founder of the wonderful approach and unique method of psychotherapy, which was named in honor of him. Milton Hyland Erickson worked at that method hard, he has written a lot of scientific studies and laid the groundwork for the school named short-term psychotherapy.

The Eriksson’s work successor is his talented daughter Betty Alice Erickson, whom we are grateful for her contribution in Erickson’s methods when she teaches many people that technique all over the world.

Dr. Erickson trained many people who continue to improve his methods.

Among them are…

Eriksonian approach

Eriksonian hypnosis is considered to be an indirect kind of hypnosis. The client chooses himself the depth and the duration of a finding in a condition of a trance and can always leave it at will.

Besides, it is possible work with the client without entrancement in Eriksonian therapies, using other not less effective methods.

The therapy purpose is to help the person to learn to be flexible, responsible and courageous. All the people can change, because all the people vary and adulthood differs from its childhood very much.

Changes can begin imperceptibly. In the beginning you won’t be able to feel them at all. But then they will start to increase exponentially while somebody, who did not see you for a long time, tell you that you have changed a lot. And then you will notice it.

You are able to touch to hidden in yourselves from the conscious mind by means of hypnosis and to touch the part of yourselves that wants you to live a good and long life. It is the best part of you. As all the necessary resources are inside us..

All of us do not live on day one ... And everything we felt, heard and saw once, is inside us up to the present. And all that is our internal resources. These are all the knowledge, the skills we have stored down the stream of life. We need to choose only, what we should get from it now to solve a problem. And a trance helps us to reach our internal resources and take what is necessary for us at present.

Application area

Eriksonian therapy and hypnosis have broad spectrum of application because of ecological compatibility and softness of influence.

The basic directions of Eriksonian psychotherapy application are...

Eriksonian hypnosis and therapy are applied successfully in psychological consultation, suggestopedy and addictology.

"We should always remember that each person is radically unique. There are no exact copies in the world. The mankind exists on the Earth for three and a half one million years and I can say with confidence there were no two identical fingerprints or two identical individuals the whole time. Even twins differ considerably from each other in their fingerprints, degree of resistance to illnesses, and their mental and personal organization… "

M. Erickson