Trance [ru]

Trance is the focused ray of attention within us, penetrating through the consciousness and activating unconscious resources. At the same time many external stimuli are excluded.  

Trance intensifies and strengthens communication with a therapist, with oneself and the unconscious during training.

Trance is an integral part of some daily processes of our usual life. According to E. Rossi, we all experience «a daily trance», in which we are plunged at the time of a deep meditation and concern, not recognizing it completely. At that instant we continue to be engaged in our previous activity. However we do it somewhat automatically and our attention is directed inside in larger degree than it is directed at our surroundings. We are in a closer contact with unconscious, solving certain problem. Moreover, E. Rossi did a variety of researches and found out that a person falls into a trance in the certain time intervals (an hour and a half) for 10 - 15 minutes during the day involuntarily. In addition such the rhythm is the most optimal for human vital activity. If that rhythm is broken, the person can have problems (stress, fatigue etc.) . 

Trance is a contact of consciousness and sub consciousness that is necessary for integrated functioning of a human body.

It becomes much easier to get access to person’s internal resources in a trance state. When the person keeps awake and is focused on the problem completely, he usually lacks that degree of a relaxation and concentration to look at the problem from other points of view.

It looks like, all occurs by itself in trance. It is not required any efforts of you. It turns stay in trance into a very comfortable state.



"By the way, training goes faster in trance than in a conscious state. It is impossible to study unconscious by means of consciousness. Well, all, that I was saying, will reach you in translation into your own language, according to your individual perception. And then time will come when an internal inspiration, sudden understanding, unexpected thought, that never came into your mind earlier, come to you unexpectedly. Your unconscious will begin to work, feeding your consciousness on the information, already known to you, about knowledge, you did not guess at all. Because we all study everyone in own way …"

M. Erickson