UNCONSCIOUS of milton erickson [ru]

"Your unconscious knows all about it, probably more than your conscious mind does, and it hides from you, from your conscious mind all that you should not realize as it considers".

That quotation describes unconscious in the best way possible such as Milton H. Erickson realized it.

Milton Ericson has got a classical education in psychiatry. He thought the Freud's theory of the unconscious mind is much wider than it was considered at that moment. Milton H. Ericson Newton was the first to suggest that unconscious is a friendly and an accessory part. And if you can achieve a dialogue with your unconscious, the therapy goes is easier and faster...

People did not always spoke, using concrete linguistic forms. It is not always possible to express an idea by means of words clearly. Primitive men communicated with the help of gestures, and facial expression, and other nonverbal ways. They understood each other perfectly. Even a modern person, when he communicates, receives a considerable quantity of information from nonverbal behavior of the interlocutor. One can say that we process a lot of information unconsciously. The consciousness is the limited phenomenon.

Human psychodynamics has the triple nature.

We have a sensitive (emotional) and cognitive (intellectual) aspect of life and we move (motor function). Though parents and then an education system teach us to develop intelligence, it is necessary to understand that the most important thing is a person at all levels of the person’s existence.

We have consciousness and unconscious. In Ericksonian therapy the unconscious is separated clearly from the conscious part of mind and supports its activity congruently. Problems arise when the unconscious does not enter in congruent mutual relations with the consciousness..

As regards unconscious, it is the huge library where our reminiscences and our accumulated knowledge are stored. We can’t do without such the library as we unable to keep in mind consciously, all we learn. It is like an ocean iceberg. We see only its surface smaller part. The most part of accumulated knowledge is used automatically within the lifespan of a person to provide vital activity of the person. Unconscious responds to objective qualities of reality. Hereby it differs from the consciousness which looks at the world subjectively through the lenses of its convictions and restrictions.

The experience of many years of training is at the disposal of unconscious. Each person had events in his walk through life showing ability to creativity, opening the best personality traits. Everyone can recollect one case of the triumph at least (the first excellent mark, a victory in competitions, the joy of success). It is enough indeed to apply this feeling of the triumph to various aspects of life. You acquire a habit to win in the earliest childhood. It is necessary for a survival. Now it is necessary not to forget only and recollect about it in time. You already possess all skills and knowledge, which are necessary for a life. All this is your internal resources.

Access to the unconscious gives the chance to take advantage of the forgotten resources. The basis of Ericksonian therapy is that each person has a possibility to work with the problems and solve them, and the problem of the therapist is to help to reach those resources.



"A person is always individual... All, we should do, is to ask him to use his resources. Because of his resources are so boundless, you even do not suspect indeed, as much he is able. Nobody knows how he studies... But we know a sound comes from front or from behind, from above or from another side, either from the right or from the left. Actually the sound can come from any direction, but you know automatically where it comes from. We never cease to analyze and study at the same time. And, eventually, you start to realize, where the sound comes: from front, behind or from another side. And the following step is to learn to accept that sound automatically. You will find out at last you can do it without any troubles and automatically. The majority of our subconscious actions occur automatically... "

M. Erickson